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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bittersweet Partings

Tonight I received a book from the women at my bible study called Five Women of the English Reformation in light of our bible study finishing up for the year. (A book which I have wanted to read for a while--thanks girls!)

It has stuck me for the first time that we (my husband and I) are leaving Toronto for good in only a month, and I am suddenly saddened.
Our friends here are so dear to us. Our church family is relatively small, as a result we are quite close--knit together by our common love for Christ.

The seminary community (where my husband teaches Greek) has also been a source of kinship. My husband has benefited greatly from some of his colleagues. Two couples from this community in particular, Justin & Elisha Galotti and Ian & Vicky Clary, are like family to us. We all live on the same block and see each other often for fellowship. They are godly people who I highly respect and love. I never leave their company without feeling encouraged and refreshed in the faith.

This time in Toronto has been sweet in terms of fellowship. I am almost tempted to forget that we live in a 'cement city' with polluted and sometimes foul smelling air, mice, cockroaches, bedbugs, prostitution, drug dealers and murders on our front sidewalk.

That last rant actually made me feel a little better about moving.


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