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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Movie Night

With Clint being so sick these last three weeks, I must admit we have rented far more movies than usual. A personal favorite for us is the hit tv series "24". A show about a U.S. based counter- terrorist unit working to prevent catastrophic terrorist crimes from happening--all within a literal 24 hour day (each episode is an hour).

But last night after watching a few episodes, Clint and I both had adrenaline-pumping, action-packed dreams that caused us to awake with our hearts pounding. We had a good laugh as we recounted our dreams to each other. Between the two of us, we encountered everything from volcanoes erupting and running for our lives only to find a ten story river blocking us from the only train station that could get us out of town, to anxiety about important CD ROM files being corrupted, to terrorists chasing us and trying to shoot us, and of course, plenty of cell phones that flip open.

Alas, we've concluded that in light of the lack of sleep and strain to our hearts, we need to take a break from 24. As good as the show is, we're not sure the negative affects on our heath are worth it.


  • At April 02, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    that's really funny Christel. Me and my roommates always watch 24 before going to bed on Monday night, and these past few weeks we've all said that it's been too difficult to fall asleep after. How are we supposed to sleep if we don't know whether Audrey is a traitor or Jack got blown up. Haha


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